Personalized Weight Loss Coaching with Dr. Lee at
Seattle Naturopathic Center

In order to lose weight and keep it off, you will need to change your lifestyle. Not only will you need to change how you eat, what you eat, how much you eat, and increase your physical activity, but you also need to change how you think about all of these things too. After all, you are changing your entire eating and physical lifestyle, and one cannot be expected to make major changes like this overnight.

If you try to make all these changes at once, you may find yourself frustrated and giving up your weight loss or diet plans before you even begin or soon thereafter. In order to avoid this problem, Dr. Lee will help you set smaller goals, add them into your daily routine until they become habit for you, and then slowly increase the scope of the goal.

Any successful program will require the following basic foundations of good health:

  • A positive mental attitude
  • A healthy lifestyle with regular exercise
  • A health-promoting diet
  • Supplementary measures (if weight gain has been due to a physiological disease condition)

This revolutionary, individualized weight loss program includes:

  • Initial Consultation to Set Goals

A 30-minute initial visit with Dr. Lee to assess your health status. She will do a comprehensive intake and may suggest various laboratory tests in order to set up a proper treatment plan that is tailored specifically to aid you in your weight management. In addition, a traditional Chinese medicine evaluation, including a tongue and pulse diagnosis, will be administered.

  • An Individualized Weight Management Plan

Once you have gone through the initial visit, you will be given an individualized weight management plan based on the results of the visit. This plan will include a combination of various naturopathic modalities, such as clinical nutrition, supplements, an exercise plan specific for you, and other suggestions to take into consideration for adjusting your lifestyle and daily routine.

  • A series of 4 Vitamin B12 injections will be included to promote your energy

A Vitamin B12 injection will be given at the initial visit and subsequent visits to ensure weight loss and promote energy. Subsequent visits will include a brief follow-up on the patient’s health status.

  • Unlimited access to Dr. Lee via email

Patients are welcome to email Dr. Lee with questions regarding treatment plans, dietary changes, and dos and don’ts during this weight loss program.

The cost for this program: $247

For more information call Seattle Naturopathic Center at 206-319-5322.