Products at Seattle Naturopathic Center 

Supplements are not carried at Seattle Naturopathic Center. When supplements are suggested by Dr. Lee, patient has the option of placing an order at the clinic in which “Practitioner Only” products will be ordered or purchasing supplements at other locations. “Practitioner Only’ items are not supplied to the general public without a Naturopathic consultation or a written prescription from another suitably qualified health professional.

Why is only practitioner only supplements sold?

As a naturopathic physician, Dr. Lee’s  job is to have the patient feeling better as quickly as possible and to prevent health problems from recurring. If a patient want to achieve a better level of health and improve your quantity and quality of life, not only his/her symptoms but also the underlying causes of disease must be addressed. The nutritional and herbal products recommended are, in her opinion, the best.  These products are prescribe because they get results.

How to Choose the Best Supplement for Your Health

When choosing a quality supplement, don’t fall for marketing and advertising. Just because a particular brand of supplement is promoted by a well known sportsperson or TV personality does not mean that it is of a high quality or contains effective levels of ingredients. There are a vast number of factors that contribute to a product’s effectiveness such as:

  • The quality and source of the raw materials,
  • The quality and care that goes into the manufacturing process,
  • The synergy of the formulation (will the ingredients work together and enhance the total effect),
  • What are the main ingredients i.e. if there are 6 ingredients in a product, which are the most important?
  • Are the important ingredients at a therapeutic level (quantity) to provide a health outcome?
  • Are the nutritional ingredients in a form that is most easily absorbed?
  • Is this product safe for me to take?

These points are enough to get you thinking, but there are many others that also should be considered. Importantly the type of product and dosage to be taken depends very much on your current state of health, age, diet and lifestyle and should be assessed by a health care professional.

You only get what you put in

When certain vitamins, minerals and herbs are recommended, ones initial thought may be “I can get that cheaper from the store”. This is rarely true when one weighs up what is really in the cheaper store brands. Store brand producers often compromise the quality of the raw materials and the processes they use, resulting in lower dosage ingredients that are poorly absorbed. Plant parts are often sourced from the cheaper parts or species rather than these that are proven to be effective. Reactive ingredients such as talc, shellac, unstable oils, wheat (gluten) , lactose, yeast and dairy protein (casein) are often used as fillers to save money. Unfortunately, these ingredients reduce both the biological activity and clinical effectiveness of the products. In addition, budget supplements do not contain the correct ratios of active ingredients to be considered therapeutic.

“Practitioner Only” products are available for purchase at Seattle Naturopathic Center. Please contact 206-319-5322 or via email at for more information.