Ultrasound-Guided Trigger Point Injections at Seattle Naturopathic Center

Trigger points are small, definite (confined to a limited space), abnormally sensitive areas in muscles, ligaments, joint capsules, tendons, and related tissues that have a specific and typical area of referred pain. The term “trigger point” is used because its stimulation reproduces the same pain in the indicated area. TPI has been used for patients with headache, neck pain, low back pain, and various other musculoskeletal and systemic disorders. Any kind of local injury to myofascial structures can induce trigger points. Other causes of trigger points are inflammation (myositis bursitis, fibrositis, arthritis, tendonitis, etc.), connective tissue disease, and chronic infection.

Anesthetization of trigger points (also called myofascial or paravertebral muscle injections) relieves spasms and diminishes pain associated with myofascial pain (fibromyalgia, fibromyositis, myofascitis).

Ultrasound imaging uses high frequency sound waves and provides direct visualization of various soft tissues of the body. Direct visualization of surrounding soft tissues and important structures can reduce the risk of complications. Moreover, ultrasound allows real-time imaging of the spread of the injectate around the relevant structures, thus increasing the success rate of injection.